BONEST GATTI King's Speed Automatic Rubber Blue BG8601

$428.00 USD

Interpret your dreams of driving forward
Love super run, love super speed watch.

High-definition translucent
Sapphire watch mirror

The sapphire crystal has anti-scratch properties, and the mirror surface is more fully coated with an open mesh process.
Improves the durability of the watch while ensuring clear transparency.

42H kinetic energy
Hollow bottom

42.6mm see-through bottom cover,Show the core perfectlu.
Watch carrying BT16-01G mechanical movement, extra long 42-hour kinetic energy reserve;
Two-way winding combine storage system, make sure the watch continues to move;
Triangular suspension system improve travel time accuracy, the freqency is accurate to 21600 v.p.h;
Parts grinded with a circular Geneva pattern, the details reveal a high quality texture;
Movement 21 drilling ruby bearing, withstand countless the secondary friction has not lost deformation,
Guaranteed timepiece the accuracy of the time.

Diamond grade
Metal cutting design

Forged with 316L steel, after 195 precision processes, 35 hours of fine work, Laser-cut 12-faceted polygonal diamond dial, the shining moment fo the shining era super run ahead of the line.

Speed watch
Process interpretation

From German's century-old watchmaking process, solid stainless steel forged case. equipped with BT16-01G mechanical movement, Diamond line cut bezel, high-definition sapphire crystal, multi-level hollow dial design, strong night light, Gear-shaped mechanical crown, laser engraving brand ICON, panoramic see-through bottom cover, built-in sealed exhaust valve, triangle stable suspension syste...
Bugatti super running speed series mechanical watch


Luminous materials continue to function, No matter day or night, the powerful night light keeps time in control.

Movement:Fully automatic BT16-01G
Mirror:Anti-glare sapphire(Al2O3)
Strap:Natural rubber
Buckle:316l solid steel pin buckle
Waterproof index:IP68
Case diameter: 42.5mm
Case thickness: 10mm
Strap length: 23mm
Strap width: 20mm